Social Skills for Teens

Teenagers are the leaders of tomorrow.  Present them with the opportunity to feel self-reliant and confident in any social situation by taking interactive lessons taught by a certified etiquette consultant. Our workshop is designed to empower them with life skills that propel them towards personal and professional success. These skills will help them succeed at school, socially, and later, professionally and can create an appealing differentiation that sets them apart.

Our lessons aim to instill social consideration and mutual respect as we believe that when teenagers are taught these basic social skills in their early years, they tend to become more socially responsible as they grow up. To survive the rising social pressure, teens must be trained in a way to feel confident and comfortable around people and to find their place in the world.

Social Skills:-Rules of Introduction-The Handshake, Eye Contact, and the Power of a smile-Sportsmanship Etiquette -Hygiene and Appearance-Self-Respect and Respect for others Communication Skills -Proper Telephone Etiquette -Writing Thank You Notes-Social Media Etiquette-Public Speaking-Interviewing Skills-Theater Protocol & Other Modern Manners  

Class Length: 1 hour 30 Minutes
Location: 55 Church Street
Min/Max: 6/12
Ages: 12-18

FALL SESSION: September 13

 6:15-7:45PM  Th 9/13  322218-T1  $75.00