Junior Tennis-Junior Development Program

The JD program is geared to meet the needs of each player.  Group lessons (clinics) will be offered for 1 hour once a week Monday through Friday. Please see the schedule for clinic times.

  • Young Guns 1: Beginner. Young Guns 1 is for players with little or no tennis experience. Students will improve eye hand coordination and agility, work on racquet handling skills and become familiar with the tennis court. Focus is on basic strokes and having fun. Young Guns 1 is offered for 6-7 year olds on Monday and Tuesday afternoons; 7-11 year olds on Tuesday afternoons and 12-16 year olds on Friday afternoons.
  • Young Guns 2: Advanced Beginner. Young Guns 2 is the continuation of Young Guns 1. Players should have taken Young Guns 1 or the equivalent or have prior tennis experience. Players should know the basic strokes and be able to keep the ball in play by sustaining a short rally. They should have experience with the service motion. Young guns 2 is offered for 7-11 year olds on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and 10-13 year olds on Thursday afternoons.
  • Challenger: Intermediate. Challenger Intermediate players should have taken tennis instructor for a number of years. They should show ball control with both ball direction and the ability to sustain a rally. They should be comfortable with the service motion. They should know how to keep score and play games/matches. Challenger is offered on Thursday and Friday afternoons for 10-16 year olds.
  • Satellite: Intermediate-Advanced Intermediate.  Advanced intermediate instruction is available both individually and in small groups. Players should have competitive experience and be committed to more rigorous training. If you would like more information about this level of instruction, please call the Tennis office at 978-287-1055.