Water Fitness 

Concord Recreation offers a variety of water fitness classes at the Beede Swim and Fitness Center. To see the current, seasonal offerings, please visit our registration site by visiting this link.

AI CHI: Ai Chi is a program designed to increase range of motion, mobility, and balance, as well as to reduce stress. It includes fluid movements paired with breathing techniques to lengthen, strengthen and relax the body to prepare for the day.

AQUA CARDIO: This high energy, powerful and uplifting class is a fun and effective way to burn calories and build muscles. With a combination of basic martial arts this high intensity class is great for cardiovascular fitness, coordination, muscle control and flexibility. All levels are welcomed!

AQUAFIT SPORTS: Calling all skiers, runners, tennis/pickleball players and weekend athletes! This deep water, fast-paced class uses high-intensity sports moves (adapted from skiing, skating, cycling & more) to burn calories and build strength. You’ll use partial flotation to extend your aquatic range-of-motion and resistance gear (aquatic barbells & more) to build muscle in the water. A perfect class for athletes and those looking to take their deep water workouts to the next level.  

AQUAFIT TECH: Tech means technique! This moderate-intensity class in our warm pool helps you tune into specific muscles you're targeting and how your body is responding during an effective and enjoyable workout. More active than our Ai Chi and Arthritis warm water classes, this is the perfect class for anyone interested in improving flexibility and strength through dynamic movement in the comfort of warm water. 

ARTHRITIS: This water exercise program helps to reduce arthritis pain and stiffness while keeping joints flexible and muscles strong. The water provides gentle resistance to build muscle strength and supports joints to encourage free movement.

DEEP BOOT CAMP: After a 3+ year hiatus, Boot Camp is back better than ever! Get ready to improve your cardiorespiratory and muscular strength and endurance in this fast paced, deep water class! This workout is for intermediate to advanced participants.

DEEP CARDIO HIIT: This class introduces exercise conducted while suspended in the deep, alternating between bursts of high intensity output and moderate activity intervals. Participants exercise all muscle groups using the resistance and buoyancy of water and the resistance of their hand weights.

DEEP WATER: This class will strengthen your cardiovascular system, all your muscle groups and increase your flexibility. It is a blast! Equipment may be used to add variety to this energized workout! Emphasis will be on using proper body alignment and techniques.

PIYOCHI: PiYoChi is a combination of slow movements from Ai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga with concentration on breathing which is calming and helps to reduce stress. This class, set to music, is high energy and guaranteed to strengthen and tone your body. The natural resistance water provides increases muscle strength and overall flexibility and improves cardiovascular fitness. PiYoChi will improve balance, muscle tone and full range of motion.  Great for all levels of fitness!

S'WET DEEP: S'WETTM is a BRANDED PROGRAM. It is a high-intensity, low-impact cardio and strength training program. The workout will get your heart racing, your blood pumping and your body...S'WETING! Swim goggles optional.

SHALLOW CARDIO HIIT: This high energy class will increase muscular endurance and improve cardio-respiratory endurance by utilizing the resistance of water. Shorter periods of high intensity intervals will be alternated with lower intensity intervals. In less time than a traditional steady state workout, you will burn more calories and continue to burn more calories long after the workout has ended.

SHALLOW WATER: This is a high energy class which incorporates exercises and equipment to strengthen, tone and stretch the body in a low-impact environment, while improving cardiovascular fitness. No swimming skills are necessary.