Water Fitness 

Concord Recreation offers a variety of water fitness classes at the Beede Swim and Fitness Center. To see the current, seasonal offerings, please visit our registration site by visiting this link.

AI CHI: Ai Chi is a program designed to increase range of motion, mobility, and balance, as well as to reduce stress. It includes fluid movements paired with breathing techniques to lengthen, strengthen and relax the body to prepare for the day.

AQUA CARDIO: This high energy, powerful and uplifting class is a fun and effective way to burn calories and build muscles. With a combination of basic martial arts this high intensity class is great for cardiovascular fitness, coordination, muscle control and flexibility. All levels are welcomed!

AQUAFIT SPORTS: Calling all walkers, tennis/pickleball players, runners, skiers and weekend athletes! This class uses a range of sports moves in the water to strengthen your "land game". Come let the water do its magic to support your on-land sports performance and recovery. 

AQUAFIT TECH: This moderate-intensity class helps you pay attention to the muscles you're targeting and how your body is responding as you move through a water workout to help make your water workouts more effective and enjoyable. A great class for anyone interested in improving their water fitness technique, range and impact while also getting a good workout.

ARTHRITIS: This water exercise program helps to reduce arthritis pain and stiffness while keeping joints flexible and muscles strong. The water provides gentle resistance to build muscle strength and supports joints to encourage free movement.

DEEP WATER: This class will strengthen your cardiovascular system, all your muscle groups and increase your flexibility. It is a blast! Equipment may be used to add variety to this energized workout! Emphasis will be on using proper body alignment and techniques.

DEEP WATER INTERVAL: If you want a workout that incorporates strength and cardio training, head to the dive well for interval training. Interval training uses both aerobic and anaerobic energy by alternating short bursts of intense activity with an active recovery period of a less-intense activity. Jump in for a fun and invigorating workout.

EXPRESS LUNCH: Looking for a way to get some exercise into your week while avoiding the morning and evening rush? This class does the job. Come for a mid-day water workout that gets you in and out fast, feeling refreshed. The perfect class for the WFH (work from home) crowd and anyone who likes to break up their activities during the day to approach afternoon tasks with the renewed vigor that a great workout provides.

FUNKY GROOVE: Love dance music? This is the class for you. All in! This new class welcomes all fitness levels with a focus on fun, empowering movement for everyone. Choose the depth you prefer, shallow or deep, and come prepared to boogie. Leave your work day behind and enjoy the benefits of a great full body workout that lets you finish your day with a smile.

HAPPY HOUR: Grab a partner or friend and hop into this easy and uplifting Friday evening class to de-stress and welcome the weekend. The format is warmup, 30 minutes moderate-intensity activity and cooldown with great music and a celebratory vibe! Options will be provided so you can choose the right intensity to fit your energy level. The ultimate way to end the week and kick off a great weekend.

MORNING MIX: Like a classic? Come enjoy the epic blend of a 10 minute warmup followed by 30 minutes of movement designed to target each major muscle group, and 10 minutes of cooldown/stretch. An approachable, fun class that does it all!

PIYOCHI: PiYoChi is a combination of slow movements from Ai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga with concentration on breathing which is calming and helps to reduce stress. This class, set to music, is high energy and guaranteed to strengthen and tone your body. The natural resistance water provides increases muscle strength and overall flexibility and improves cardiovascular fitness. PiYoChi will improve balance, muscle tone and full range of motion.  Great for all levels of fitness!

SHALLOW WATER: This is a high energy class which incorporates exercises and equipment to strengthen, tone and stretch the body in a low-impact environment, while improving cardiovascular fitness. No swimming skills are necessary.

TAHOE CHILLOUT: This new gentle movement class focuses on toning muscles, improving strength and releasing stress. It's a great class if you're newer to water fitness, seeking to complement your gym workouts with the proven benefits of water exercise, and/or looking to connect with others in an aquatic group exercise class that is both revitalizing and social. Come clear your head and enjoy the relaxation of mindful movement for a stronger mind and body.

WAKEUP BLEND: Kick off your weekday mornings right with this new class that gets your energy flowing!  Music guides a transition from calm to energetic beats as you move through a full body deep water workout to gradually raise your energy level. Leave class energized and empowered to tackle the day.