Personal Trainers

  1. jeff

    Jeff Cobb

    Personal Trainer
    Jeff has been involved in athletics and exercise most of his life. Baseball, soccer, rugby and tennis are some sports that he competed in throughout high school and college. His passion for exercise is primarily in the weight room. Jeff helps his clients achieve their health and fit-ness goals. If you are interested in general fitness and having fun at the same time, then Jeff can make it happen for you. Credentials: BS Physical Education, Minor in Health, Certified Personal Trainer through American College of Sport Medicine.  


    Laurel Dewolf-Grise

    Personal Trainer
    Laurel has had a life-long interest in health and fitness. She is a group fitness instructor and holds certifications from Johnny G. Spinning, YogaFit, and Les Mills Body Pump and Body Flow. She is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Wellness Coach and is now using her knowledge to advance into personal training with special interest in flexibility and strength training. 

  1. john

    John Donaldson

    Personal Trainer
    John earned his Masters Degree from Syracuse University and is an International Sports Sciences Association certified personal trainer. His focus is on strength and conditioning, and he trains individuals from all levels of fitness. He has coached athletes seeking help with power development and improvements in stamina. He combines high intensity strength and conditioning to his training, as well as  guidance on performance nutrition. In his spare time John enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and nordic skiing. 

  1. trishia

    Trishia Hosmer

    Personal Training
    Trisha has been a certified personal trainer since 2006. Personal training fulfills her lifelong desire to work with those wishing to make a positive change. She specializes in designing personal programs for weight loss, physical therapy for medical rehabilitation both prior and post surgery, and training for marathons. Trisha strives to help every client obtain his or her personal goals. She is certified from National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as the American Sports & Fitness Association. She has run the Boston Marathon and competes regularly in local road races, spartan obstacle races, and the warrior dash obstacle races. Trisha loves to ski, play basketball, run, box, and soccer. 

  1. brian

    Brian Kalagher

    Personal Trainer
    Brian’s passion is finding the smallest possible changes to produce the biggest impact to clients’ health and fitness performance. Brian started his health and fitness journey more than 15 years ago after lack of sleep, idleness and poor diet caught up to him. At 80 pounds overweight, tired, stressed, and dealing with chronic health problems, he engrossed himself in the study of wellness. It was this quest to upgrade his own life that led him to become a certified nutritionist, fitness trainer and lifelong learner of human health mechanics. Outside the gym Brian loves reading and meditation. He is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, and anything that gets him into nature.

  1. bill

    Bill Lehmann

    Personal Trainer
    Bill recently retired as a business consultant advising clients of solutions for customer aquisition, retention and develop needs. Having a deep passion for fitness, sports and coaching, he is now pursing this desire for wellness and fitness by becoming a personal trainer. As an avid competitive swimmer, runner and biker, Bill has participated in marathons and triathlons as well as being involved in competitive sports and coaching. Bill is able to work with all populations by designing safe and effective individual programs to meet client needs that may include posture, stability, mobility, flexibility, strength, cardiorespiratory enhancement and injury prevention. 

  1. anne

    Anne Windhol

    Personal Trainer
    Anne has worked as a Personal Trainer since 2000, following a career in children’s fitness.  She has a B.S. degree in Physical Education and is certified by the American Council on Exercise. Anne has been involved with a lifetime of athletics and fitness. She is a competitive golfer who also enjoys biking, tennis and hiking. Anne has experience working with many populations, including older adults, low back, shoulder, knee and hip replacement post re-hab clients. She also enjoys sports specific training. Core strength, balance and posture are stressed with every client. Anne prefers functional training with the emphasis on fun!