Festival Orchestra

​Spring Session

The Festival Orchestra program is for students who have mastered such skills as bow hold, instrument hold, note reading. Students will learn 2-3 pieces from the standard grade level 1 to 1.5 repertoire. There are 10 rehearsals this spring. Students will need to bring their instrument, a pencil and a folder to each rehearsal. The stand will be provided. This program is an enrichment for the string students who began their study this or last year at school and would like to advance their skills. Younger advanced players are welcome to join with the approval of the instructor. Anna Anderson can be contacted via email (aanderson@concordps.org)

Class Length: 1 Hour
Location: TBD
Min/Max: 5/25
Grades: 4 & 5
Instructor: Anna Anderson

SPRING SESSION: March 19-June 4

4:00PM-5:00PM  M 3/19-6/4*  1222100-M1  $105.00
*No Class- 4/16, 5/28

Summer Session

It is always great to continue to play your string instrument over the summer to maintain or improve your skill level. String musicians with at least one year or more of experience on their instrument are invited to participate in a 5-week workshop at the Hunt’s Gym.This mini summer camp is run by the Concord Recreation and parents can register their child online. You can sign your child up even if he/she will only be able to participate some of the time. The program will run over the course of five Tuesday evenings (July 24, 31 August 14, 2, 28) taught by Mrs. Anderson. There will be a joint one hour rehearsal and a separate half hour lesson for each cohort. The cost for the five sessions is $75.

Intermediate players 6 to 7:30pm 
Advanced players 6:30 to 8pm.

Class Length: 2 Hours
Location:Hunt Gym
Min/Max: 5/75
Grades: 4-12
Instructor: Anna Anderson

SPRING SESSION: June 26-August 21

6:00PM-8:00PM  T Various
222100-T1 OR T2  $75.00
Class- 7/24, 7/30, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28