LEGO Civics: Green City

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Presented by Right Brain Curriculum. As students work to create their Lego City, they focus particularly on the role of cars in the modern urban environment. Students learn about the history of automobiles as they create both Lego buildings and the Lego cars that will fill the city streets. They learn about the automobile's relationship to the environment and consider electric cars, car pool lanes and speed limits as they debate car-related laws. 

Students must decide on the types of roads and highways they will create for their city balancing efficiency, traffic, bikes and pedestrians. They will learn about bridges, ferries and tunnels as they debate the best way to span the river that divides two sections of their city. A fun and engaging way to learn about technology, the environment and politics!

Class Length: 5 hours
Location: 105 Everett Street
Min/Max: 8/12
Grades: 2-5