Marvel Dungeon & Social Dragon


The classic table-top role-playing game of Dungeons and Dragons® has a new twist! Join Dungeon Marvel Krystal for a role-playing experience of epic proportions. Players will create their own characters and enter into an interactive experience. The Dungeon Marvel brings the fantasy world to life as she narrates the game-play and guides players by providing coaching and in-game rewards for specific skill demonstrations. The game naturally promotes social thinking, cooperation, collaboration, and emotion regulation as players encounter various in-game characters, navigate a fantasy world as a team and deal with the results of dice roles that determine outcomes within the game. Materials will be provided but players may bring their own dice sets and related materials if they desire. Adventure awaits!

Class Length: 1 Hour
Location: 55 Church Street West Concord, MA
Min/Max: 4/8
Ages:  11-13

Winter Tuesday 4:45-5:45PM 1/9-2/27* 401112-T1 $180
*No Class 1/16, 2/20