Sprouting Melodies 1 & 2

Roman Music TherapyThis class is designed to incorporate both the earliest stages of development and the beginning stages of baby’s exploration.  The music provides stimulation and comfort for younger babies in the awareness phase of development and active music making for 6-18 month olds in the trust phase of development. We will be increasing your little ones awareness of themselves and others and foster the building of trust and exploration through active music making and listening.

Class Length: 45 Minutes
Location: Hunt Recreation Center 90 Stow Street Concord, MA
Min/Max: 5/12
Ages:  Birth-18mo

Fall 1 9/12-10/17 Tuesday 9:15-10:00AM 301103-T1 $195
Fall 2 10/31-12/5 Tuesday 9:15-10:00AM 301103-T3 $195
Winter 1 1/9-2/13 Tuesday 9:15-10:00AM 401103-T2 $195
Winter 2 2/27-3/20 Tuesday 9:15-10:00AM 401103-T4 $130