Concord Carousel Scholarship Fund

About the Concord Carousel Preschool and Scholarship Fund

The Concord Carousel Preschool provides a safe and nurturing half day preschool experience to children of Concord and the surrounding towns.  For over 30 years, Concord Carousel Preschool has helped children ages 2 years 9 months to 5 years grow and thrive with a small class, community-focused, creative learning environment. The Concord Carousel Preschool is operated by the Concord Recreation Department.  

The Concord Carousel Preschool believes it is vital to its community and the development of its children to help families in need. The preschool needs its community’s support to meet this objective, hence the development of the Concord Carousel Preschool Scholarship Fund.  Concord Carousel Preschool is self-funded: all program costs such as teachers’ salaries, supplies, and janitorial needs come out of Preschool user fees with no additional funding from the town. The Scholarship Fund will help make high-quality preschool available to more families without further tapping into user funding.​

Mission Statement

To provide financial assistance to families who could not send their children to Concord Carousel Preschool without aid.

Concord Carousel Preschool Scholarship Fund Committee

Ryan Kane, Director, Concord Recreation
Jordan Binder, Parent and Teacher
Heather Chiancola, Parent and Carousel Alumna
Erin Fife, Parent and Teacher
Michelle Medas, Teacher
Catherine Neijstrom, Parent
Rebecca Snyder, Parent
Denise Terra, Parent
Yanni Tsitsas, Parent
Courtney Tucker, Parent